Driving Industry 4.0 with predictive AI and networking expertise

By Rick Oppedisano, president and CEO of Delta Bravo AI From supply chain challenges to talent shortages, manufacturing has taken a beating in recent years. But a renaissance is coming. Smart manufacturers are making investments that will propel them into the industry 4.0 era. Because without doing so, they simply won’t be able to compete. […]

Navigating the Sea Change in Urban Technology

Building connected communities is all hands on deck State and local agencies have achieved more than most could have expected over the past few years of flux—captaining turbulent waters toward a sea change in technology that’s enabling connected communities to deliver better services for residents and constituents alike.  Building connected communities requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. […]

Cisco Reports Third Quarter Earnings

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 18, 2022 News Summary: $12.8 billion in revenue, flat year over year; GAAP EPS $0.73, up 7% year over year, and Non-GAAP EPS $0.87, up 5% year over year Solid demand with product order growth up 8% year over year Progress on business model transformation with total Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) […]

How to Amp Up Guest Experiences—and Profits

Hospitality industry uses tech infrastructure to boost loyalty, revenue, and safety Guest Wi-Fi is just the beginning of how an enterprise-grade system can transform the experiences hotel guests and staff can benefit from. Robust, secure Wi-Fi helps build greater brand and customer loyalty, increasing revenue, improving safety, and delivering new financial benefits. It maximizes technology […]

Manufacturers Have Spoken: They Want Smarter Spaces

Survey results show IoT plays a key role in the future of the factory floor Manufacturers have been focused on becoming more resilient as pandemic-related issues continue to disrupt production and supply chains. But moving forward, manufacturers cannot simply focus on a return to the pre-pandemic normal. Digitalization and modernization of facilities is fostering a […]

Creating a predictive network for the human mind

Did you ever wonder how your brain is able to predict the trajectory of a tennis ball, even when it’s meters away? The fact is the human mind is the most incredible, predictive engine. And it’s the prefrontal cortex where the magic happens. This is where the brain learns, predicts, and plans.   Our brains have […]

New Cisco Technology Can Predict Network Issues Before They Happen

Customer Trials Show IT Teams Can Predict and Avoid Issues with High Accuracy News summary Cisco reveals how it is helping networks evolve by predicting application issues before they happen, enabling a new level of reliability and performance. The company has been building and testing predictive software engines over the past two years; Early customer […]

Cisco Announces May 2022 Event with the Financial Community

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 3, 2022 — Cisco today announced that it will participate in the following conference with the financial community during the month of May. The session will be webcast.  Interested parties can view the event on Cisco’s Investor Relations website at J.P. Morgan 50th Annual Global Technology, Media & Communication ConferenceMay […]

Comcast Business Expands Managed Solutions Portfolio with Cisco SD-WAN

Strategic partnership combines Comcast Business Managed Services expertise with Cisco SD-WAN powered by Viptela PHILADELPHIA – April 27, 2022 – Comcast Business today announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Cisco through the addition of Cisco SD-WAN powered by Viptela to its managed SD-WAN solutions portfolio. The collaboration expands Comcast Business’s ability to provide […]

Edge AI: Building Scalable Computer Vision

Simplify image processing at the edge while managing from the cloud Last month, Cisco Meraki introduced a new way to bring additional intelligence to the Meraki portfolio of smart cameras. We launched MV Sense custom CV that allows our partners and customers to build their own machine learning (ML) model to run directly on our […]

Cisco and General Motors Combine Forces for the Future of Connectivity in Cars

News Summary: General Motors is the first auto manufacturer to deploy Cisco wireless backhaul technology for real-time, high-speed performance testing of pre-production vehicles. Cisco’s industrial wireless networking enables GM engineers to instantly analyze critical vehicle data to make faster, data-driven decisions. Reliable and instant access to performance data is a critical advantage in the race […]

Our Customers’ Favorite Easter Eggs

Hidden silliness in the cloud What is an Easter egg? For years, companies have been embedding secret videos, cryptic messages, and in some cases, sprawling, multi-century riddles into their products. When you were a kid, you probably came across these “Easter eggs” in the form of hidden treasures and funny references that you stumbled on […]

Simplify the Restructuring of Your Networks

Streamline the migration of networks and devices through automation This article was contributed by Boundless Digital, a Cisco Meraki technology partner. Some people say that architecture is meant to be permanent, but is it really? When it comes to networking, the truth is that it’s not. Modern network architectures are meant to be reliable, agile, […]

Cisco and Venywhere reimagine the future of hybrid work in Venice ‘living lab’

News summary: 16 Cisco employees are living and working remotely in Venice for three months, as part of a pilot program that’s shaping the future of work. Cisco technology, including Webex means they’re able to carry on with their work, while connecting with the communities and enjoying the buzz and beauty of Venice. Joint research […]

All the Details on Smart Workplace Technology

What you need to know and why you should care Whether you’re looking to scale your business or improve operations, smart workplace technology can help. In today’s world, businesses face risks and challenges that can, at times, feel existential. From the Great Resignation to sustainability targets, doing business has become much more complicated than just […]

Deliver a Safe, Secure, and Positive Election Experience

Create better voter experiences with intuitive IT and IoT No matter the candidate, voters want a positive, equitable, and secure (physical and cyber) experience when they head to the polls. Whether it’s the upcoming midterms, local primaries, special municipal elections, or national presidential referendums—now is the time for governments to build and prepare intelligent, safe, […]

From TelePresence to Webex Room Panorama: A journey

This is a guest post by Cisco Communications Manager Karen Bruntz.  When TelePresence was launched in 2006, the idea was to offer a meeting experience where people in two separate rooms could meet as if they were in the same space. Those rooms could be thousands of miles apart — on different continents, even. And […]

An anthropologist’s eye on the future of work

Q. So, as an anthropologist you are looking back to some very fundamental human qualities and values, and as a futurist you are anticipating coming changes and how they will affect people?  A. Yes, like in any good relationship, it’s about understanding. We’re going to need good relationships with our customers. And in a good […]

Cisco Reports Second Quarter Earnings

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 16, 2022 News Summary: Strong business momentum drove $12.7 billion in revenue, up 6% year over year; GAAP EPS $0.71, up 18% year over year, and Non-GAAP EPS $0.84, up 6% year over year Continued robust demand across the business with third consecutive quarter of more than 30% total product order […]

Webex by Cisco Hits Record 8 Billion Monthly Calls Milestone

Webex by Cisco Hits Record 8 Billion Monthly Calls Milestone News Release News Summary: Webex by Cisco hosts record 8 billion calls Sep 07, 2021 News Summary: Webex by Cisco hosts record 8 billion calls monthly and supports more than 39 million cloud calling users worldwide – the most of any cloud calling provider New […]

Cisco and Raymond James to Host Internet for the Future Tech Talk

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 22, 2022 – Cisco will host a Tech Talk with Raymond James to discuss Cisco’s Internet for the Future Business and its role as 5G and IoT business partner. Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group will be answering questions during the session which will […]

Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for some football? Feature Story Cisco is starting its first season as an Official Technology Partner of the NFL. Sep 08, 2021 The National Football League kicks off the 2021 season tonight, and with it starts Cisco’s first season as an Official Technology Partner of the NFL. This partnership has been years […]

The world’s infrastructure is getting smarter — and that’s good for everyone

Year after year, the world around us keeps getting smarter. Our homes are smarter, our cars are smarter, our phones, wallets, and garage door openers are smarter.  Critical infrastructure, too, is getting smarter. As digital technologies take root in the public sector, energy, and industrial environments, the benefits to us citizens of Planet Earth are […]

NWN Carousel and Webex by Cisco to Deliver Remote Global Press Conferences at Laver Cup

NWN Carousel and Webex by Cisco to Deliver Remote Global Press Conferences at Laver Cup News Release The world’s top international indoor men’s team tournament Sep 27, 2021 The world’s top international indoor men’s team tournament will rely on NWN Carousel to power communications for international media connecting with some of the world’s top players […]