Cisco Reports Fourth Quarter And Fiscal Year 2022 Earnings

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 17, 2022 — News Summary : Cisco ended fiscal 2022 with Q4 revenue at $13.1 billion, flat year over year and fiscal year revenue of $51.6 billion, up 3% year over year Strong demand with record full year product orders and backlog Progress on business model transformation with total Annualized Recurring […]

What is Aspartame?

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2022 Food and Health Survey Spotlight: Parents of School-Age Kids

With summer on the wane and back-to-school season in full swing, many parents of school-age children are pivoting their food purchases in order to accommodate their kids’ new schedules. But what factors influence what parents decide to put in their grocery carts—for their children and themselves? IFIC’s 17th annual 2022 Food and Health Survey explores […]

EMDR Therapy: Anxiety Treatment Options in Nashville

The Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been proven effective in treating trauma and anxiety disorders. This therapy combines elements from many different forms of treatment, including eye movement, psychological counseling, and relaxation techniques such as the deep breathing and meditation. It has been extensively researched since the […]

Common Types of Pipes For Plumbing Projects

Plumbing can be used in many ways, from carrying water to your kitchen faucet to delivering waste to your sewage system. These types of exchange and delivery systems have existed since ancient times. The Greeks used clay pipes to carry water to homes and the public buildings. With the transition into the early 20th century, […]

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Owning a business is no joke. There is no shortage of duties and the burden of making sure your business is successful is mostly on your shoulders. Although some aspects of a successful business are obvious, there are others that you may not consider a top priority. Making sure your commercial plumbing runs smoothly isn’t […]

EMDRIA Conference 2022 Preview

The EMDRIA Conference is just around the corner! This year’s event will be virtual, with sessions on September 10, 11, 13, 17, and 18, 2022. We offer a Spanish track, and any session can be attended live or viewed as a recording until December 30, 2022. This means attendees can take their time absorbing the […]

EMDR Europe: Update on support for Ukraine

From: EMDR Europe Executive Committee As announced in our last mail we had a meeting with the Ukrainian National Association and the representatives of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania as “border countries“ to Ukraine to understand the present situation, reflect on the things already done, learn from each other’s experiences, support, above all, Ukraine […]

Mike O’ Connor, former EMDR UK President, recalls working with the families of Dunblane

Image by Outgoing President of the EMDR Association UK Mike O’ Connor was interviewed for a podcast at the start of his presidency two years ago. He talks about where his work as an EMDR therapist began. It was through an event which shook the world, the Dunblane Massacre, the 26th anniversary of which […]

New President for EMDR UK

Matt Wesson, an EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer, becomes the new President of EMDR Association UK today (Sunday 27th March), taking over from Mike O’Connor who has completed his two year term of office.  Matt says: “I’m honoured and proud to become President of EMDR UK, following on from Mike who has achieved so much during […]

Mapping the Way to a More Connected Community

Tech trends and solutions to help steer your journey Over the last decade, state and local agencies have been navigating a sea change in urban technology. Governments launched some initiatives to deliver digital services to constituents and empower agencies to provide positive, equitable experiences to all. Creating more connected communities in these changing currents requires […]

Nutrition 101 Video Series: Fundamentals of Fats

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Reflections on the EMDR UK 2022 Conference

Complex trauma and dissociation throughout the lifespan: Ana Gomez, Dolores Mosquera, and Kathy Steele EMDR therapists Laura Beech and Victoria Walford share their reflections on the EMDR UK 2022 Conference held in Cardiff on 25th and 26th March.  Laura watched online, and Victoria was there in person. If you didn’t manage to attend the conference you […]

What Is Grass-Fed Beef, and How Is It Regulated?

As summer ends, many of us can look back on some great barbequed treats enjoyed with family and friends. Among those foods there may have been a juicy burger, a tender steak, or beef sausages. Summer dishes aside, beef products are often featured in our year-round grocery carts. And if you’ve visited the meat section […]

Sian Morgan Obituary

It is with great sadness that on the morning of 26th April 2022 the EMDR community suffered a huge loss with the passing of Sian Morgan. Sian was known to many in the field through her work with the EMDR charity, Trauma Aid UK (TAUK) TAUK is a charity that provides EMDR training and […]

May update from EMDR UK President Matthew Wesson

Please also see news of Matthew’s appointment to President. Dear Colleagues As it has been 6 weeks since I took over the Presidency from Mike O’Connor at our very successful (and first hybrid) conference, so felt it time to update you on Association matters. If you missed closing address to the conference where I laid […]

EMDRIA Members in the News

EMDRIA Members in the News! Marianne Silva, LCSW and EMDRIA Member was featured in a Veterans Affairs Podcast Network Byte discussing EMDR with Andrea L. Jamison, podcast host and a clinical psychologist with the National Center for PTSD. PTSD Bytes #8: Treatments for PTSD 5: EMDR _______________________ Dr. Elizabeth Wood, EMDRIA Member, was interviewed on […]

What Is Sucralose?

Curious about sucralose? You’re not alone. Conflicting information about low- and no-calorie sweeteners seems to be reaching new heights, so we’ve searched high and low for the facts. Here’s the lowdown on sucralose. What is sucralose? Sucralose is a type of sweetener that does not contain calories. It is used as an ingredient to replace sugar […]

What Is the Fertility Diet?

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President of EMDR Europe invited to private audience with Pope Francis 

EMDR Europe President Isabel Fernandez writes to members about her meeting with Pope Francis and his curiosity to learn more about humanitarian work with EMDR therapy around the world:  Dear colleagues, some weeks ago we got an invitation from Pope Francis, through his office, to attend one of his Audiences. The Pope had heard about […]

EMDR Therapy and Pregnancy

May is home to Mother’s Day, National Women’s Health Week, Maternal Mental Health Month, and Mental Health Month – a time to remember the importance of physical and mental health, focusing on mothers and the perinatal period. We know that EMDR therapy can be used to treat people coping with overwhelming perinatal experiences, but one […]

EMDR Therapy and AAPI Populations

It is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to recognize and celebrate Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian talents, diversity, and contributions. One month could never adequately address the impact and backgrounds of such a diverse group of people, so EMDR therapists with clients of AAPI heritage are urged to continue […]

EMDR Therapy with LGBTQ Populations

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the wonderfully diverse ways we as humans can express ourselves, our sexuality, our gender, and our love for others. It is also a time to remember how many types of trauma someone who identifies as LGBTQ(IA+) may have experienced. LGBTQ populations are as much at risk as the […]