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Common Types of Pipes For Plumbing Projects

Plumbing can be used in many ways, from carrying water to your kitchen faucet to delivering waste to your sewage system. These types of exchange and delivery systems have existed since ancient times. The Greeks used clay pipes to carry water to homes and the public buildings. With the transition into the early 20th century, […]

Field Review: Cisco Meraki’s MX95 Cloud Controlled Firewall

We’re circling back on this release announcement after more than a year+ of active field use with Meraki’s MX95 router and firewall. Cisco Meraki, Cisco’s premium cloud-controlled network equipment subsidiary, rolled out a revised line of MX Series firewalls and routers back in 2021. These new firewalls offered a high level of throughput than available […]

Comcast Business & Cisco Meraki Join Forces for New Teleworker VPN Solution

Comcast Business today announced it is signing up with forces with Cisco Meraki to expand the Comcast Service Teleworker VPN solution. Comcast Company Teleworker VPN is specifically crafted to assist enterprise consumers offer their rapidly expanding remote workforces with a protected, trusted, high-performance connection to their business network just as they take pleasure in when […]

Gift Giving Ideas for Niche Hobbies

Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries – these are the prime gift giving times of the year for the people that you care about and that care about you. Buying thoughtful presents is a tough game, even when you know the person who you are buying a gift for very well. Some of the people that you […]

Is There A Single Source for 1970s Song Lyrics?

We’re a big fan of places that are a single source of things you need, and since the best things in life are free, today we will focus on free song lyrics. The 1970s (at least in the USA) saw a surge in popularity for several different genres of music, including disco, funk, smooth jazz, […]

What Do You Get Pregnant Women As Thoughtful Gifts?

It’s the time of year when gift shopping for the holidays is at full speed around the world. It’s tough enough to choose the right gifts for your friends during the holiday season, and it is even tougher when that friend, family member or coworker is expecting a child. You also may be stressing about […]

The Value of Business Directory Listings (or Sticking Your NAP Where It Belongs)

When you’re worried about your Google Local results and presence for other search engines that don’t work as well as Google, you start to quickly find out that most advice points you to getting into as many directories as possible. A typical directory on the web will let you establish your business name, address, phone […]

Deep Dive: Cloud VOIP Solutions by 8×8 – Small Business & Larger

Almost every aspect of business technology has moved over to the cloud. More and more companies are now moving away from traditional, on-site hosting solutions for their VOIP phone systems. The cloud, even with its forever-cost of use, has certain advantages over owning & running your own infrastructure at your office or in your own […]


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