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Field Review: Cisco Meraki’s MX95 Cloud Controlled Firewall

We’re circling back on this release announcement after more than a year+ of active field use with Meraki’s MX95 router and firewall.

Cisco Meraki, Cisco’s premium cloud-controlled network equipment subsidiary, rolled out a revised line of MX Series firewalls and routers back in 2021. These new firewalls offered a high level of throughput than available previously from Cisco Meraki, and match up well with the faster ISP speeds offered by today’s business ISPs in various cities.

The Meraki MX95 was released in 2021 and has been a top value for small businesses needing the throughput. You don’t have to pay the full MSRP Meraki MX95 price in order to deploy one of these premium firewalls to run your organization’s network. Here’s some of the highlights of the Meraki MX95, specifically designed for medium-sized organizations.

MX95 Hardware

The Cisco Meraki MX95 is a cloud-controlled firewall and router offering a stateful firewall throughput of 2 Gbps for organizations of up to 500 users or network devices.

“We were excited for the release of the MX95 and, pretty much immediately, had multiple field units deployed at client sites all over our main service area. As an Austin managed services provider, we have relied upon the MX95 and the rest of the MX lineup to provide a cloud-controlled foundation for clients hiring our firm for managed IT services. 

The recent throughout increases are a must-needed bonus, and we are excited for Cisco’s supply chain shortages to come to an end. We look forward to putting more of these units into the field!”

Arlen Peckham

Arlen Peckham
Owner, Lithium Networks

The Meraki MX95 is Cisco Meraki’s answer to readily available increased business ISP speeds across the US market. Gone are the days of fussing and waiting for a 100mb or more connection, and this line of MX series for medium branches takes full advantage of higher available ISP needs. The unit offers 2 Gbps stateful throughput with 1 Gbps of throughout while the available full Advanced Security license features are active. That’s no slouch.

Meraki Cloud-Based Centralized Management

Like all of Cisco Meraki’s cloud-controlled offerings, the Meraki MX95 is run by the top of the line Cisco Meraki Dashboard, which lets users manage the MX device centrally over the web. The dashboard is designed for zero-touch , self-provisioning deployments, and the interface offers a host of innovative and essential features.

MX95 Networking & Security

Again, the Meraki MX95 is a stateful firewall that offers features like Auto VPN for self-configuring, site-to-site VPN connections. Client VPN is available through IPsec, Active Directory integration is available, identity-based policies can be managed, and the unit offers 3G/4G failover capabilities via USB modem.

Meraki MX95 Traffic Shaping & Application Management

As a router, the Meraki MX95 offers Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping Application prioritization.

Meraki MX95 Advanced Security Services

Those deploying the Advanced Security premium license get access to Content Filtering, Google SafeSearch and Youtube for Schools, intrusion detection and prevention, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and use of Cisco Threat Grid (requires a Threat Grid subscription).

Meraki MX95 – Introducing the SD-WAN licensing

The entire line of Cisco Meraki network equipment, including the MX firewalls, MS series switches and MR series wireless access points, are all designed for easy installation and management by inhouse IT staff or outside consultants.

With full cloud controlled capabilities and an entirely dashboard-based interface with no command line access or required usage, the Cisco Meraki becomes cheap to run. Onsite visits by an IT consultant charging by the visit and hour or visits by your managed IT services company are rarely required specifically to work on the network.

The Cisco Meraki brand carries premium MSRP pricing when compared to other solutions, yet it more than creates a value for itself when you look at how much the Dashboard saves you in hourly IT consulting hours from professionals. The line is also available at discounts from Authorized Partners and online sources, so it is important you establish a single source for your Cisco Meraki needs.