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Gift Giving Ideas for Niche Hobbies

Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries – these are the prime gift giving times of the year for the people that you care about and that care about you. Buying thoughtful presents is a tough game, even when you know the person who you are buying a gift for very well.

Some of the people that you are close enough to where you give gifts have been involved with you for awhile. What do you get someone this year for their birthday when you’ve already bought them a gift 10 years in a row. How many pairs of gloves, nice socks, neckties and purses can you give the same person without it being repetitive.

Here’s how you get creative in your gift giving. We’re assuming that you speak to this person and somewhat know what they are up to and currently into. If you aren’t in super regular contact, check out their Facebook or Instagram and snoop around for a minute. Look at what they are doing and what they are talking about when they have a big smile on their face in pictures.

Sniffing around their social media gives you a good sense as to their current hobbies and what they do in their free time. You really shouldn’t always get someone presents or gifts related to their job or work. You should instead look to their hobbies, especially their recent ones.

Here’s some niche gift giving ideas for men and women who are “into” various things.

Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is really, really popular, especially in places that are near the woods, trails and mountains. It is a somewhat expensive hobby and sport, due to the need for a quality mountain bike and enough gear to have some real fun out on the trails.

Like a large number of niche sport-based hobbies, mountain bikers can be picky about their equipment. You really shouldn’t go buying them large-ticket mountain biking items or essential mountain biking gear without asking them what they want first or if they really like what they currently have.

Mothers are famous for this. They loosely know you mountain bike, so you end up receiving cheap socks, cheap gloves, pullovers that are several sizes too big, or a giant cheap mountain biking helmet that you would never wear. Here are some quick thoughts on things the mountain biker might actually like, that would not be too intrusive on what they already prefer.

  • Portable air compressor with DC (car outlet) power
  • Multi-tool with multiple integrated Allen wrenches
  • Gift card for bike tune-ups
  • Variety packs of riding gels or energy gels
  • Riding goggles
  • Sock or glove heaters

That’s just a quick list and the beginning of your journey to find relevant mountain biking gifts.  There are also other resources and things to read that are a much better source if you are really looking for the best gift for a mountain biker.

Best Gifts For Yoga Enthusiasts

What do you get the woman you see that you know is really into yoga? There’s a number of things that are really useful and appreciated when you have a friend or family member who is into this activity. Yoga is a physically demanding, relaxing and sweaty activity. Here’s some thoughts on what to drop into a gift bag.

  • New yoga pants or yoga pants suitable for going out in
  • Lululemon gift cards
  • New yoga mat


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