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What Do You Get Pregnant Women As Thoughtful Gifts?

It’s the time of year when gift shopping for the holidays is at full speed around the world. It’s tough enough to choose the right gifts for your friends during the holiday season, and it is even tougher when that friend, family member or coworker is expecting a child.

You also may be stressing about what to get a pregnant friend or family member for any special occasion, whether it is a baby shower, their birthday. or as a gift when the actual child is born or in his or her’s first few months.

Here’s some of the things you want to think about when you are picking something out for an expecting mother. One of the biggest things to consider is ‘When will a pregnant woman need the most pampering or pick-me-up from a thoughtful and useful gift.’?

Several tough times are ahead for the expecting mother. You have the pain and recovery time from the actual birth, the drag of at least some form of hospital stay, and then several months to a year of many sleepless nights and tough days of caring for a newborn child. Unless you are buying this person gifts during all of these tough times, really think about when they should receive something special and when it will help them the most.

The expecting mother is going to get a ton of baby-relevant gifts, and some women after giving birth get depressed once they realize their entire life is now devoted to taking care of the child. Here’s other tips on what to think about and consider trying to pick the best gift for an expecting mom. These are more directly focused on baby-friendly or baby-relevant gifts.

If the pregnant woman is your wife or partner, then you may want to focus on getting her plenty of presents that are just for women in general. This includes romantic gifts that most women will appreciate, like jewelry.  Here’s some thoughts.

  • Candy or fancy chocolates
  • Jewelry, whether it is expensive or not.  If you’re not able to throw down thousands on a diamond in the face of your sudden child-care costs, then go for a moissanite.
  • Spa day or a special trip for nails and hair
  • Fashion accessories. Who doesn’t love a new handbag or a mom-sized fancy handbag. Many designer manufacturers make size-appropriate purses, diaper bags and satchels that look really nice but are super convenient for hauling kid stuff around.
  • We’d recommend skipping on buying new clothes or lingerie, since pregnant bodies and after-birth bodies are 2 different things.


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