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The Value of Business Directory Listings (or Sticking Your NAP Where It Belongs)

When you’re worried about your Google Local results and presence for other search engines that don’t work as well as Google, you start to quickly find out that most advice points you to getting into as many directories as possible.

A typical directory on the web will let you establish your business name, address, phone number, website and description for free as a profile, and some of them will offer you a high quality backlink to your website that actually has a value. Is this advice correct from an SEO standpoint? Yes, it is.  

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Having your Business Name, Address, Phone and other data in as many places as possible will definitely not hurt you. The directory profile pages for your business, with it’s address listed right there with it, send a clear signal to the search engine classifying those pages that:

“This business that performs this service does so from this address in this city and state at this website and phone number.”

Any SEO consultant will tell you the value of consistently pushing as much Name, Address, Phone data about your company and website out into the world.

When enough of those Directory profiles with consistent info on your business are created and then evaluated by a search engine, you will see a boost in the your business’s position in things like Google Maps and in Google searches from those sitting in the geographic zone around your listed office address.

When you have multiple locations, you’re going to want to get those Directory listings for every branch and office that you have. This type of simple technique is a type of Local Citations and Google Optimization that tangibly works.

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