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InMotion Website Hosting

Cheap website hosting plans and value-priced virtual private server providers offer very similar products, very similar features and very similar claims about reliability and customer satisfaction.

InMotion website hosting has chosen to differentiate itself on a number of levels. All of their website hosting products receive U.S.-based customer support from highly trained website hosting professionals with an average of 4 years of industry experience. InMotion clearly states in writing that their team members undergo over 160 hours of training before they touch a customer's account. InMotion hosting reviews do show a clear satisfaction with the company's employees, and this is no surprise given that the firm has chosen to invest in U.S. based support and support employees.

This is far more expensive for a cheap website hosting company than pushing off their support to various overseas call centers and overseas support ticket systems.

InMotion Web Hosting Moneyback Guarantee

InMotion stands behind the quality and reliability of their infrastructure and customer service with a full money back guarantee on all of their core web hosting products. The guarantee period runs from 30 to 90 days depending on which plan. If you bought an annual pre-paid website hosting plan and are not satisfied, you can get a pro-rated refund based on time active.

provide a full money-back guarantee on all web hosting plans, from 30 to 90 days depending on your purchase.

InMotion Hosting Reviews

InMotion hosting reviews from customers state that they really are happy with the legitimate guarantee program that InMotion promotes. Customers love the fact, especially those new to website hosting or on their first accounts, that they can get out of agreements and get some form of refund if they aren't happy.

In the event, you prepaid yearly your refund will be prorated based on usage. We want to give you the best experience, no matter if you’re coming to or leaving InMotion Hosting.

You can get even more detailed InMotion hosting reviews if you are thinking of selecting InMotion as a web hosting provider. We only go so deep into our analysis at Single Source Vendor.

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