Apple CarPlay and Cisco Webex Integration

Hybrid work is the future of work – and it’s here, now. The modern work environment is not confined to a single space or device anymore. It’s flexible, it’s mobile, it’s connected. We can seamlessly blend work into our lives with collaboration anywhere, at any time.

Through the power of Webex and iOS, we’re excited to announce Move to Mobile, for a seamless transition from desktop to iPhone, as well as updates to Webex on CarPlay.

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Let me give you a real-life scenario: you take an early Webex Meeting from home, but you need to get on the road to commute to the office. We have now simplified the transition as you dial in from your iPhone and drop from your Mac. With Move to Mobile built into Webex Meetings, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code, and you move seamlessly to your iPhone. No disruption and completely frictionless.

And since you’re hopping in the car, now with Apple CarPlay and Webex Meetings, we’ve made that transition frictionless, too. Simply connect your iPhone and voila, your meeting continues! After your call ends, you can view your upcoming meetings and join directly (in audio-only mode, of course) from CarPlay — a convenience that is unique to Webex.

Plus, to stay connected to your meetings, there is no need to look at your phone!

Once you’ve arrived and parked at the office, you can easily continue a meeting on your phone, pop into a conference room and seamlessly transfer the meeting to the Webex device there.

In August, we’ll be extending the CarPlay integration to include listening to past Webex recordings – so while sitting in traffic on your way home, you can catch up on any meeting you may have missed during the day.

Successful hybrid work means offering flexible, frictionless experiences no matter where employees are working.

At Webex by Cisco, we started with an all-new Webex app for iPad, and earlier this year announced the ability to use AirPlay on Webex devices, eliminating the need to find the right cord or connection when sharing content with colleagues. Just connect wirelessly and share your iPhone, iPad, and Mac screen – whether together in a meeting room, or remote in a video call.

Now, by updating Webex on CarPlay, we’re delivering even more flexibility that today’s workers need and want.